Camera phones are becoming increasingly commonplace at weddings. Guests all want to capture the big moments and the fun moments from your special day, but it is easy for the sea of camera phones to overwhelm the event.

Solution: tell your wedding guests to put their camera phones away. At DIY Photographer Services, we offer professional quality cameras for hire at an affordable price, meaning your wedding guests can still be involved in capturing every moment from your big day, but on your terms. 

Why you should have an iPhone-free wedding

Your guests will be more present

Rather than focusing on Instagram filters and uploading to Facebook, a phone-free wedding will allow your guests to be more present. They can enjoy the special moments from your big day through their own eyes, rather than through a phone screen.

Your guests will have more fun

Your guests will love the novelty of being your wedding photographer. By taking turns being behind the camera, your guests will have more time for dancing and interacting too. 

Stop images being splashed all over social media

It’s your big day and you may not want your images shared live on your guests’ Facebook and Instagram accounts. By having an iPhone-free wedding, you control what images are posted to social media and when.

Better quality pictures

You want photos from your wedding day taken from your guests’ perspectives, but iPhone photos are often blurry or out of focus. Professional quality digital cameras produce much better quality pictures over a camera phone.

Letting your guests know

So how do you get your guests to put down their camera phones at your wedding? Easy! Download our free, customisable invitation to send to your guests. This lets them know in advance that there will be cameras available to them on the night and that they will be your wedding photographers!

You may also want your celebrant, DJ or MC to make an announcement reminding guests to not use their camera phones, or make a table sign for the reception.

Want to learn more about hiring DIY Photographer Services?

If you would like to discuss hiring professional quality cameras for your guests to use at your wedding, phone us on 0478 777 111 or fill in the enquiry form on our website.


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