Hiring camera equipment for an event, instead of appointing a professional photographer to come take photos, is becoming an increasingly appealing option. There are a number of significant advantages, and a few things to think about. Here are just some of the questions to consider.

How do you choose which service?

Sometimes choosing a photographer can be overwhelming. How do you know who to choose? How can you tell that they will be reliable? How can you know that their prices are reasonable for the service they will provide? There are heaps of photographers in Sydney to choose from, so hiring your own camera and taking things into your own hands can save you the trouble. You might also find that there are also many camera hire places, so look for somewhere that can help you make the decisions even if you don’t know anything about cameras, such as DIY Photographer, who provide you with a full recommended set up that is ready to go.

Who will take the photos?

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If you choose to hire a camera, you will need to work out who will be using it. While a professional photographer is a stranger, a family or friend will know the guests and can take more natural and meaningful photos. They can also more easily keep track of who has been photographed and make sure everyone is included. You might face the problem that if you put the responsibility on a friend or family member, they may not get to enjoy the event as much. On the other hand, some people really enjoy being behind the camera and would love to take on the role. Just remember to choose wisely!

How much access will you have to the photos?

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Often photographers will curate the photos they take and give access to their own selection of the “best” photos, which might not be the same as the ones you like most. Hiring a camera will mean access to all the photos so you won’t miss out on receiving your favourites. Also, with all the jobs a photographer will have in a large city like Sydney, processing the photos might take a long time. Some camera hire companies, such as DIY Photographer, can process the photos for you without interruptions from their other photography jobs, meaning they will get your photos to you ASAP.

What other services will need to be provided?

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Hiring a camera means you won’t have access to other services they might be able to provide, including lighting, backdrops, and more, so you might have to organise this yourself. But this does mean you’ll have more freedom to choose and can add your own personal touch. Remember to make sure that everything you need is accessible in Sydney at an affordable price, or able to be done DIY.

Is a pro photographer an affordable option?

Easily the biggest benefit of hiring a camera is the price. Living in Sydney can be very expensive and this will carry over to the cost of the photographers available in the area. Hiring a camera can provide a viable, cheaper option and may save you significant costs.
It is possible to get multiple cameras for your event for the price of just one photographer, meaning more angles covered and more moments captured. Of course, getting the very best coverage of your event is your main concern!



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