9 Unconventional Wedding gift ideas

You might find yourself under some pressure if you are a guest at a wedding where the couple has chosen not to create a gift registry.

If you want to turn to something other than the generic kitchenware or candles, try these more original ideas to help get your gift-giving imagination flowing.

Wedding wine boxIf the bride and groom are keen on their wine, a specially picked selection of wines is sure to go down well. There are even services available to get the box etched with well-wishes or the couple’s names, or you could choose a different wine for each milestone anniversary, and again you could etch the box with the dates. If you are unfamiliar with what wine to choose, your local bottle shop will have experts to help you out.

Keepsake boxHelp the bride and groom store memories from their big day, or even from the times they spend together throughout their marriage, such as honeymoons or anniversaries. There are plenty of styles of boxes to choose from, so get creative and pick one specially to suit the couple.

LuggageThe next step after the big day will of course be the honeymoon. Help the newly-weds prepare by sending them off with the perfect carry on or suitcase! Some more organised couples will likely already have their luggage sorted, but you could then consider accessories such as bag tags that can be personalised.

SubscriptionSubscriptions can easily cater to a variety of interests and make great gifts for anyone! Whether it’s an online streaming service for the quiet nights in, or a magazine for the couple to read on their trips away, this gift will continue to impress for 12 months or however long you choose the subscription to last.

Travel MapsWhether it’s for planning future trips, or for recording memories after the couple has been, maps can be a fantastic and imaginative way for them to catch or feed the travel bug. They can also come in different formats, like a framed wall-hanging or a globe.

Personalised tablewareWhile other guests might overload the couple with kitchenware, make yours unique by organising for it to be personalised. There are plenty of services on Etsy, or you might find someone local, such as in a nearby market, who can create something special. You could add anything from their name, to the date of their wedding, to a quirky phrase that congratulates them on their marriage.

Framed memoryPicture frames are certainly nothing new, but if you consider something special to put in the frame, they can be a sentimental memento that the couple will cherish. Some ideas of what to frame might include the wedding invitation, a line from their favourite song or even their wedding song, a page from a book that is significant to one or both of them, or just a personal message from you to them.

ArtworkBeginning to build their lives together will include building their home together. Choose something that reflects the style of the couple’s home and their personal flair. You could even make the art of them with a custom painting, cartoon or digital image!

Everyone has a smartphone with a camera, but there are plenty of more special photo experiences that you can give to the couple.  An instant camera is a novelty, whereas a professional DLSR will provide crisp images better than any phone. You could even consider giving the gift of hire cameras for them to use to capture their memories together, or even for use on their special day. Services like DIY photographer will let you hire multiple cameras, so the couple can use one each and also get their friends to join in.

An experience

An exciting or relaxing activity for the couple will offer something for them to do while enjoying each other’s company. There are endless possibilities, so you can tailor your choice to something they enjoy, like a beauty treatment, stage show or hobby class.


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