While each wedding photography experience will be different, there are a few questions that keep coming up. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions that you might also be facing.

1.What questions should I ask when choosing a photographer?

The first thing you should do is ask to see is their previous work. Make sure you get examples of a range of photo types, including portraits, candid shots, close-up details and long-distance photos that also include the setting. You should also ask some questions about how they operate, including how long it will be before you get the photos back, what kind of post-processing they will do, and anything you can think of while reading through the questions in this article!

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2. Will the photographer edit out imperfections?

Most photographers will offer this, but it’s often not included in the cost and they will charge for their time. Perhaps discuss quotes for some typical edits or for a blemish you know you’ll want digitally removed, then you can have an idea of the price in advance. Once you’ve seen the photos after your wedding, be selective about which ones to spend time on, choosing only the photos with the most obvious flaws or your favourite photos, so you can reduce costs.

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3. What happens if I don’t like the photos?

It’s always important to do your research before you make the commitment to a photographer. There are a few options you may have if you receive poor quality photos, such as getting partial refund or organising a restaging. But, these aren’t going to get you better photos from the actual day.

Another option you could consider is to hire cameras for you and your guests to use. Some companies, like DIY Photographer, can provide you with multiple cameras to share around and give you full control over your photos, so you can remove all doubt by taking them yourself!

4. What happens if my photographer doesn’t turn up?

Again, research is very important so that you know you can rely on your photographer. If they don’t show, similar to if the photos are not up to scratch, restaging can be arranged but this isn’t really the same. Make sure your contract specifies a plan for if they don’t come. Ensure you’ll get a full refund, and for them to even pay YOU to compensate for the disappointment. Where this isn’t available, you may be able to get wedding insurance.

5. What if I don’t want the photographer to use the photos for their promotional folio?

While some people might love the idea of having their special day showed off to other to-be married couples, it’s perfectly okay for you to want it to remain exclusive for just you and your family and friends. When organising the contract with the photographer, just make sure that it clearly covers agreed uses (and not using them for promotion). Photographers will usually happily respect your wishes.

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6. Should we also hire a separate videographer?

While photography is a must for most couples, video is often not such a priority. It often comes down to what you can afford with your budget, so you’ll need to consider whether it is worth the investment. Photography can usually capture enough, but there are some sounds and moments that can’t be captured in a photo. Consider your vows, the music and the speeches.

7. What traits are most important in a photographer?

You might be wondering how important personality is when compared with the skill of the photographer. Arguably, this is just as important. You’ll want to make sure get along because you’ll be spending a lot of time together and if you’re more comfortable with them, this will come across in the photos. Also, if you don’t like the photographer, it’s likely your friends and family won’t either.

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