Is your birthday coming up and you’re wanting to celebrate it with your friends and maybe family too? Planning a party can sometimes be daunting and may seem like it’s not worth the effort. Here are some great steps to get organised and enjoy yourself at your party.

1. Budget

The first thing you need to decide is how much you’re going to spend on the party. It’s hard to plan anything else before this crucial decision, because all your choices will depend on your price limit. However, it’s worth doing some basic research to see what kind of price is realistic. Remember to also include any funds you might be getting from generous family members.

2. Venue

The biggest cost and most stressful to plan, location is probably the most important decision. If you’re lucky to have a house perfect for entertaining, then you might save yourself the stress. But, this can mean bringing in some services that venues usually provide, like a killer sound system or trained bartenders.

If you’re looking to hire, consider things like atmosphere, size, and what the venue can actually offer you for their price. Some bars, for example, don’t charge you for hire, but you need a minimum spend paid in advance, which is usually a tab for the night. Others don’t require any payment at all! Your choice will depend on budget.

Lastly, make sure you find somewhere that’s available, and do it quickly! Great venues get booked out well in advance. Don’t spend all your time scouting the perfect place only to find that it’s been booked out while you’ve been deciding!

3. Choose a date

If your birthday is a weekday, it might be best to choose a date that’s on a nearby weekend instead. Try to set a date people are likely to make.

Another key decider for the date is the venue’s availability. If the venue only has one opening for the whole month, it’s going to make it pretty clear which day you’ll be having your party!

4. Guests

If you’re having a big milestone birthday, the guest list can be really long, and may include both friends and family. If it’s just a year like any other, you’ll probably just keep to closer friends, unless you’re a big party animal.

This will also depend on venue because any house, bar, hall, restaurant, or elsewhere will have a limit on the amount of people.

5. Food and drinks

Are you going to be having a formal, sit-down dinner available for your guests? Or will you just stick to finger food? Considering both the level of formality, as well as a theme, might help you decide what to provide.

You also need to work out where it’s coming from. Many venues will offer food, but it’s not always part of the package. You could also think about catering, or even preparing your own snacks.

Drinks can be complicated, especially when alcoholic. You should probably leave this to the venue, so it’s important to choose somewhere suitable.

6. Photography

Lastly, think about how you’ll capture all the fantastic memories. Many parties lately are photographed using the omnipresent smartphone, but for a significant event, you might want to consider organising something professional.

Again, the service you choose will depend a lot on your budget. The traditional hire-photographer is an option but you’ll be paying top dollar. You could hire a photobooth but the photos would be confined to one area. Alternatively, you might want to think about camera hire. Services like DIY Photographer offer professional cameras that are ready to go for your guests to take the photos. You get multiple cameras for less than the price of one photographer, and it can be a great combination of professional photography and people’s enthusiasm for taking photos at events.


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