Do you have your wedding coming up and realise you know nothing about botany? Here are some simple design tips for creating beautiful and unique bouquets. We’ve kept it simple by leaving out the jargon and focusing on design ideas, after all this can be confusing and is probably best left to the experts anyway! Consider these ideas so you know what to ask your florist.

Keep it simple

Sometimes the simplest designs can be the most appealing. Including flowers that match in colour, size or texture can create a unified look that is much easier on the eye than an over-complicated selection. If you want to keep it really simple, you can also choose flowers from your own backyard, giving the bouquet a gorgeous personal and rustic look.

Natural touches

Including more natural looking flowers and foliage, which are earthy and less manicured than the usual wedding bouquet, can create an individual look. These often include twigs, muted colours, and an abundance of textured leaves. The best kinds often look random but are really very well thought out and balanced in their arrangement of colour, size and texture. It actually takes work to make it look natural!

Something Blue

It’s part of the old saying for what every bride needs at her wedding. Take advantage of your bouquet to cross one of the requirements off the list! There are plenty of blue flowers to choose from and different shades of blues will always go together without clashing.

Splash of Colour

Where simple, muted colours can be subtly impressive, a brilliant mix of bright colours will be striking and stand out. It’s obviously going to take more thought to arrange colours that work well together, but, you’ll be wearing a completely white dress, so why not liven things up a bit! You can be sure that it won’t clash with what you’re wearing.

Arrangement and Accessories

How you present your bouquet can be just as important as the flowers you choose. You might want to consider whether the bouquet will be the traditional circular, symmetrical style, or whether it will be large and deliberately uneven, and what kind of adornments you will choose, including the colour and type of ribbon holding the whole thing together. Try colours that compliment or even colours that clash!


By this stage, you’ve probably made some other design decisions about your wedding, so you should make sure that any decisions you make about your bouquet should complement the chosen style. Your wedding will probably have a colour theme, and you might, for example, want flowers that will go well with the dresses you’ve chosen for the bridesmaids who might also be carrying them.

What’s your style?

Most importantly, your bouquet should reflect you. Some suggestions of what to think about include:

Inspiration: What have you seen already that you like the look of and might want for your own special day?

Location: Is the wedding in a traditional church or outdoors in the forest, and what will compliment this best?

Season: What sort of feel will the season bring and what flowers will be in bloom?

When making any decisions on the bouquet style, consider what type of bride you want to be and what sort of wedding you want to have. While we have provided some food for thought, thinking about this overall theme will help guide your decisions.


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